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Did you know?

Did you know you can buy gold at Costco? It's true. Costco began selling one-ounce gold bars in 2023 and now members of the warehouse club can purchase silver coins as well.

Yes, you can buy gold at Costco — and now silver too →

Word of the week

Capital Gains

The difference between an item's current value and its initial purchase price is known as a capital gain. When you sell an investment, you have to pay taxes on both short-term capital gains (less than a year) and long-term capital gains (more than a year).

A closer look at Capital Gains Tax in Canada →


Try building better money habits with these five conversation starters

5 conversation starters to build better money habits →

Quote of the week

"The only way to become wealthy is to make more than you spend"

- Dave Ramsey

Infographic of the week

Overdraft Protection: What your bank doesn't want you to know

Nobody wants the embarrassment of seeing their debit card declined. To help, bankers came up with a seemingly beneficial solution. Overdraft protection is a service that allows card users to pay for items even if they temporarily do not have the funds, and it can help consumers potentially avoid such awkward problems. However, what seemed like a good idea may have been taken too far: and now, overdraft protection is a key source of profits for banks.

Overdraft Protection: What your bank doesn't want you to know How overdraft protection works, and why it tends to hurt consumers more than it helps →


3 key investing tips for early-career professionals by Emily Guy Birken

Young professionals who set up good investing habits can experience lifelong benefits.

Here are the investing behaviours you should adopt early on →

Serious stuff

Financial wellbeing is learning how to manage your money and resources responsibly with an eye toward long-term financial security.

Explore resources to improve your financial wellbeing →

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