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New York Times Quiz The newspaper wants to help young people get a better handle on their money. To begin, we want to hear from you.

Complete their short quiz, to let them know what your biggest questions are when it comes to personal finance →


Building a budget helps you manage how you spend your money. When you control your spending, it’s much easier to achieve your financial goals, whether that is to save, pay off debts or simply live within your means.

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How soaring rents are transforming student life. Student debt is a growing problem in Canada - one that’s set to get worse in the coming years.

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You made it to university and you get to decide which courses to take, which clubs to join and what to eat for dinner. Also: how much money to spend

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"At the national level, full-time graduate students paid, on average, $7,437 for the 2022/2023 academic year, whereas undergraduate students paid $6,834. This represents a 1.7% and 2.6% increase, respectively, from the previous year."

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Attending university is the first time that many Canadian students get to practice real-life budgeting.

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