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Neontra is an app that helps you understand and manage your money.


& Trusted

Neontra protects your data with bank-level security.
We never store your sensitive data, including passwords or account numbers.

We are:

  • Certified SOC2 compliant
  • Audited by BDO Canada
  • Powered by TXIO technology

We don't:

  • Share your data
  • Sell your data
  • Provide third-party
    access to your data

Neontra technology is trusted by our client firms, who are regulated and authorized by IIROC (Canada), SEC (US), FCA (UK) and ESMA (EU). Neontra technology has processed more than 200 million trades since 2013.

Download the assertion from our SOC2 auditors here.

Advanced Features

The future of personal finance

Personalized Insights

Investment Tracking

Personalized Calendar

All Your Data In One Place

Spend Tracking


Financial Health Check


Forecast Your Future

Manage your net worth and keep an eye on your monthly cash flow by category.
View your bills and balances in one place allowing you to find new ways to save money.

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Powerfully Simple

Start planning for a better future today

Your one-stop shop for personal finance

Get a comprehensive view of your finances to better understand where your money is going and how you can improve your financial health.

Overview of financial situation showing net worth, total balance across bank accounts, credit cards balance, and investments balance

See all of your data in one place.

Page showing connected bank accounts across multiple institutions

Learn how you spend and save your money.

Expense tracker page graphing expenses across multiple expense categories

Understand your true Net Worth using our Net Worth Tracker.

Graph showing net worth growing over time

Forecast your future - see what your future looks like 5, 10, or 30 years from now.

Chart showing maximum and minimum net worth forecasts into february 2036

See how your financial health compares to our aggregated benchmarks

Give your finances a check-up with the Neontra Health Check - a simple scorecard that evaluates your financial health.

Financial health check quantifying your overall financial health

The Health Check looks at your expenses, savings, emergency funds, investments, debt and credit cards, and scores you out of 100.

Expenses health 9/10

It also provides actionable insights to help you improve.

detailed view of expenses health

See where you can save

Neontra identifies all your non-essential spending and its impact.

Expense types with non-essential highlighted

Determine the best ways to reduce non-essential spending.

Month-by-month expense view with non-essential spend reduced

See where you can save more money.

Sunburst chart of expenses by type and category

Easily categorize your expenses to unlock new financial goals

People who create and maintain a budget are more likely to reach financial goals.

View of Neontra's detailed budgeting app

Neontra does most of the work — setting up a budget is quick and easy.

Comparison of Neontra's forecast and your budget target

Monitor your spending progress relative to budget targets.

Over budget category

We help you stay on track by notifying you when you are approaching, or have exceeded a target.

Over budget in two categories

Understand your debt

Keeping track of all your debt can be difficult and confusing. See your consolidated debt, across all debt types.

Excellent debt to asset ratio

See your available credit across all credit cards

Excellent credit card health

Neontra will tell if you have too much debt, relative to your other financial assets.

Suggested Action: Consider exploring the Forecasting tool to assess how a change in interest rates will impact your financial health

Plan for the future

Our financial planning app gives you the tools to build a plan for the future.

Forecast to 2057

Cash Flow - track where your money comes from, and how you spend it.

Graph of historic present and future cashflow

Budget - control your spending

Over budget category

Goals - set goals for the future, and track your progress over time.

Three goals: University fund, Retirement, Vacation with projected target dates

Forecast Your Future - see what your financial future looks like 5, 10, or 25 years from now.

Full forecast graph

Easily manage your money and investments with a single, robust app.
Neontra brings together everything from your spending, account balances, investments, debt, goals and budgets.
Start planning for a brighter, more secure financial future today.

Real-time Financial
Wellness Check

Our Health Check provides a personal, simple, easy-to-understand score with actionable insights.
Improve your financial health quickly when you see everything in one place.
Easily connect all your accounts. From cash, credit, loans, insurance and investments, you can see your complete financial picture in Neontra.

Income & Expense Tracking

Cash Flow

Map out your financial universe - Track and analyze your cash flow.


Neontra auto-categorizes your transactions so you can quickly see where your money goes.


See how much you have earned and spent in a specified time frame.


Manage complex transactions — splits, recurring, scheduled.


View your cash flow bi-weekly, by month, by quarter or by year.


Go back in time to view your historical data, including trends and analysis.


Visualize your cash flow in our powerful, informative charts.


Analyze your cash flow cumulatively over time, per period, or by type (Essential / Non-Essential / Debt / Savings).


View patterns in the past and how they project into the future.

We help you stay on top of your expenses, subscriptions and bills. Find hidden bank fees.
Neontra provides visibility over your money so you know exactly where your money is going.
Our mission is to help you manage your money so you can reach your financial goals.



We're called Neontra, because New Economic Opportunities (NEOs) should be available to everyone.
Take control of your money so you can chart a clearer financial path.
Our personalized insights can help you save more, spend smarter, and pay down debt.
Neontra’s proprietary AI analyzes your financial data and then creates actionable insights and analyses that are personalized for you.

Trends and patterns

Track your budget


Ratio Neos


Compare with Neos


Plan for Your Future

Neontra forecasts your financial future.

See how patterns from the past project into the future.

Net worth forecasting pages


Custom Budget Planner
& Tracker

Neontra makes it easy to create and manage a custom budget, so you can spend less time worrying about your money.


Multiple types of targets

Set budget targets per category, or use the target forecasted by Neontra based on your past behaviour.


Our Spending Tracker app helps you monitor your progress relative to targets.


View your budget performance bi-weekly, by month, by quarter or by year.


Learn from the past and go back in time to view your past budget performance.


Map Your Goals

Set goals and track your progress over time.

Create as many goals as you like
Goals may be one-time (vacation) or recurring (funding your retirement)
Fund your goals using all of your financial assets, not just bank accounts and investments
Map your assets to the funding of multiple goals based on goal priority

Plan for college, live debt-free, travel the world, own your own house, start investing or set your retirement goals.
Neontra has the tools that can help you get a little closer to your goals.

Track Your Investments


Neontra aggregates and tracks all your investments in one place.















Measure the performance over time on your stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed assets and crypto.
Forecast growth scenarios for all your investments. Catch hidden investment fees.


Follow the

Free stock market simulator. Practice stock trading with virtual money. Learn to invest risk-free.
Build and test your strategies with a fully functional trading simulator, including stocks, metals, crypto and currencies.

Learn about investing

Take your first steps into the investment world without risking losing any money.

Build a virtual portfolio

Monitor thousands of stocks, funds, ETFs and currencies.

Market news

Market news to help you research the markets.


Technical analysis with advanced charting to monitor, plot and study market trends.

Customize watch lists to help you follow the markets — news, quotes, charts and corporate actions.
Sign up for Free. Practice trading with virtual money to sharpen your knowledge of how the stock market works.


Your Personalized
Financial Calendar

Use Neontra’s financial calendar to easily map your day-to-day transactions.


See all your spending visualized by day, week and month with one tap

Money Management

View transactions across all your cards and accounts in one place


Identify time-based trends and patterns in your spending

My Money

All Your Money
in One Place

Connect accounts to automatically import data or manually upload. Easily sync, connect or import .ofx, .qfx, .csv.

Bank Accounts

Credit Cards





Make the Most
Of Your Money

The route to a happy, secure financial future is hard to navigate.

Neontra can help guide you there.