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Why use Neontra

Discover what makes Neontra the next-generation PFM. Credit Karma is a popular personal finance app for monitoring your credit card score but it does not offer options to manage your money, investments, assets, liabilities, goals or create budgets and spending limits. Credit Karma is not a financial planning or budgeting tool.

Features Neontra Credit Karma
Personalized insights
Investment tracking
Personalized financial calendar
All your data in one place
Set spending limits
Create monthly budgets
Create quarterly budgets
Create bi-annual budgets
Create annual budgets
Track saving goals
Track retirement savings goals
Retirement planning
Asset forecasting
Liabilities forecasting

Neontra has advanced money management capabilities

Neontra allows you to pull in nearly any piece of data related to your financial life, spending, savings, assets, liabilities and insurance. You can then view or visualize it without the use of spreadsheets.

Features Neontra Credit Karma
Personal balance sheet
Expenses health
Savings health
Credit Card health
Emergency funds
Debt health
Investment portfolio diversity
Debt to asset ratio
Credit score

Neontra automates more financial planning

Unlike Credit Karma, Neontra automates much more of your money management. All of your transactions from your debit cards, credit cards, savings, checking and investments accounts are categorized automatically so you don't need to do the work.

Features Neontra Credit Karma
Built-in collaboration
Comprehensive cash flow analysis
Powerful budgeting
Cash flow forecasts
Goal planning

Neontra is flexible

Unlike Credit Karma, you can import data in four different ways with Neontra. Whether you want to automatically sync your data, import a .ofx file or .csv file, or enter your data by hand, Neontra makes it easy to get up and running quickly.

Features Neontra Credit Karma
Full Mint history import
Manually by hand
Auto sync

Neontra has more advanced ways to organize and keep track of all your income, expenses and transfers.

Neontra allows you to tag and organize your transactions when budgeting, planning or tracking income and expenses from all your financial institutions in one central place.

Features Neontra Credit Karma
Custom categories
Personal transaction rules
Custom transaction names
Personal memo fields
Tailored tags to group transactions
Add multiple transaction tags
Tags across transaction types
Define category spending limits

Neontra vs. Credit Karma

Neontra can be accessed across all platforms.

We provide native iOS, Android, and web apps. Your iPad and iPhone may be used with the iOS app. Any device with a web browser may access the web application.

Should you use Neontra or Credit Karma?

Choosing between Neontra and Credit Karma is not a binary choice. Why? Depending on your goals and aspirations you may utilize both since the features and functions are very different.

To help you understand and plan how you want to save, spend and invest your money, Neontra has the tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

Credit Karma is helpful for checking your credit score and getting recommendations for financial products like credit cards and loans.

Neontra provides a holistic approach with the mission of empowering everyday people to lead a better more secure financial life. Our tools are designed to keep you on the path of financial wellness.

Financial wellness is mostly dependent on having a solid understanding of your finances, which enables you to make informed decisions.

Neontra provides you with a comprehensive financial understanding:

  • View all of your data in one location
  • Become familiar with your financial, debt, asset, and investment statistics
  • Examine your spending and make savings
  • Understand your Net Worth
  • Project your future: find out what your financial situation will be like in five, ten, or twenty-five years.

As your understanding of your finances deepens over time, we can assist you in:
  • Not stressing out over your money.
  • Making wiser choices.
  • Making sure you're ready for your financial future.