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Measurable Impact

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Financial Wellness is a journey not a budget

Neontra is a compounding journey not simply a short-term financial PFM budgeting tool.

Our aim is to tackle the root cause of someones financial insecurity, lifting them out of financial trouble and helping them build broadly towards financial wellness and then maintain it in the long-term.

Allowing all employees regardless of their compensation to shake off feelings of financial vulnerability and move beyond ‘just coping’ to feelings of control allowing them to start planning for the future.

Neontra provides a set of smart digital tools to help your employees on their journey to financial wellness. Deepen employee engagement and empower employees regardless of their salary or defined benefits.

We solve your most pressing needs:

Comprehensive Financial Wellness

  • From retirement planning and investment strategies to budgeting, goal planning and saving, Neontra provides a broad range of financial wellness tools. Your employees have access to tools and insights that will help them plan for a better financial future.

Customized Solutions

  • We understand that every company has unique goals. Our fast, frictionless integration through SaaS service delivery ensures your employees receive the proper support and education.

Convenient Financial Wellness

  • Employees can use the platform at their own time, pace and comfort level on the web or our mobile apps 24/7 for customized and personalized content.

Independent Financial Benefit

  • Neontra is independent and not a bank or advisor. We do not sell any financial products. Employees gain confidence from a truly independent benefit.

A modern digital experience is important to my employees

  • Neontra interfaces (iPhone, Android, web) can be customized and are attractive and intuitive, with easy-to-use charts, graphics and visualizations.

Employee benefit portals are expensive

  • Neontra offers an affordable subscription-based digital service. No up-front costs, no hidden fees.

Measure program success can be difficult

  • We assist you in monitoring the efficacy of our financial wellness program in addition to offering it. You can learn how employees interact, engage and benefit with key metrics.

A benefit for all employees regardless of salary

A typical budgeting journey:

  1. Financial trouble
  2. Desperate budget
  3. Reach solid ground
  4. Stop budgeting
  5. Financial trouble
  6. Repeat steps 1 though 6

The Neontra Financial Wellness journey:

  • Financial uncertainty
  • Holistic view of finances, spend, debt and investment analysis, budget and planing
  • Reach solid ground
  • Learn and plan for future
  • Long-term stable financial outlook

Partners can launch our innovative services and products quickly, saving expensive integration and time-to-market costs.

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