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The Neontra app offers a foundation for financial wellness.

You would think that Daniel Vranesic, CEO of Toronto-based TXIO, would be difficult to surprise with numbers.

For years, TXIO has licensed its banking, payments and brokerage platform to a range of global clients. But when the company developed Neontra, an app for managing and planning personal finance, Vranesic decided to test the product’s “non-essential spending” category on himself.

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TXIO Corp. Announces Launch of Neontra: A New Solution for Personal Financial Planning

TORONTO, Jan. 16, 2024 CISION/CNW/

TXIO Corporation today announced the launch of Neontra, its all-in-one app for personal financial planning.

As Daniel Vranesic, company CEO, explains: "We believe there is a need for a Super App that helps people understand and manage their money. An app that simplifies and makes sense of it all, enabling people to make better, more educated decisions about their financial future. That's Neontra, and we're excited to offer it to North American consumers."

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AI-Powered Fintech App Neontra Helps Canadians Learn and Invest

A Toronto-based engineering firm specializing in financial technology this month announced the launch of Neontra, a personal planning app.

TXIO Corporation says that Neontra offers web, iOS, and Android apps that leverage proprietary artificial intelligence to provide a real-time, 360-degree view of each user’s financial life.

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