Better Finances for a Better You

Insights Section

The Insights section presents personalized insights into your financial life.


The Overview page is a summary of your accounts, assets, transactions and investments.

Health Check

Health Check is a report card of your personal finances.

Click on a scorecard tile to learn more about your score, how it is calculated and suggested actions.

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet is a snapshot of your financial life, showing assets, liabilities (debt), income and expenses.

Net Worth

Net Worth is your assets minus liabilities.

Neontra calculates your Net Worth every day, and tracks its performance over time. Visualizations provide different perspectives on your Net Worth and its composition.


A NEO (New Economic Opportunity) is a custom insight into your financial life generated by our proprietary Neural Network.

Once you have added your personal financial data to Neontra, you can browse your library of NEOs on this page. NEOs will tell you:

  • Trends and patterns — see how your behaviour is trending in specific categories
  • Ratios — on savings, investing and debt
  • Compare — see how your spending, saving and investing compare to national averages