Better Finances for a Better You

This video shows how to create and use tags that can be associated with a transaction.

Neontra automatically categorizes all your expenses and transactions to create your personal budget, cash flow overview and forecast each month.

You can add tags to arrange your expenses and purchases to suit your lifestyle and budgeting preferences.

Learn how to use tags to help categorize, and manage transactions to create a personal budget and control your money by watching this step-by-step video tutorial from Neontra Support.

Neontra tags offer flexibility and convenience to track your expenses and budget.
Manage your cash flow with personalized categories and rules.
Transactions can have multiple tags and span different categories.
Tag and track all your debit and credit cards transactions across all your banks with Neontra.

This helps you build a personal financial plan quickly and view your overall financial wellness.

Tags Support: https://neontra.com/support/cashflow/

For more answers to your questions, visit https://neontra.com/faq/