Editing Transactions

Better Finances for a Better You

In this video we showcase how to edit existing transactions within Neontra.

When you import OFX, QFX, CSV files or connect and sync your bank, credit card or investment account, Neontra automatically categorizes all your transactions.
This makes it easy to analyze your spending and identify opportunities to save.

However, if you want to edit, recategorize, split, assign a tag or add a memo to transactions, this video is a step-by-step how to guide.

Neontra will display your expenses by type: Essential, Non-essential, Debt Payments and Savings Contributions.

There are three visualizations: - Cumulative Over Time: a running, or cumulative total of your spending - Monthly Totals: how much you spend per month - Category Size: size comparison, per category
This makes it easy to manage and track all your subscriptions, memberships and expenses in one place.

Editing Transactions Support: https://neontra.com/support/cashflow/

For more answers to your questions, visit https://neontra.com/faq/