Cash Flow: Overview

Better Finances for a Better You

A deep dive into the Cash Flow: Overview page, listing data relating income and expenses. Topics include Categories, Forecasts and Date Range selection.

Understanding your cash flow is the first step towards a brighter and better financial future.

Our Cash Flow overview helps you manage how you spend your money.
When you control your spending, it’s much easier to achieve your financial goals, whether that is to pay off debts, increase your savings, buy a home, save for college, begin investing or live within your means.

In this video, we will do a deep dive in the Cash Flow overview page.
We'll be showing you how to monitor your income and expenses to achieve your weekly and monthly goals.

The Cash Flow overview is a unique personal finance tool that forecasts your spending to help you see your spending habits and track your expenses on the horizon. This personal cash flow forecast helps you to learn how to budget.

With Neontra, you can easily budget and track your expenses, assets, credit cards and loans with bank-level security.

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