CSV Import

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CSV files are useful for importing data from one application to another. In this video we’ll walk you through importing a CSV file into Neontra.

In this video, we’ll walk you through importing a CSV file into Neontra.

We have created an easy way for you to import all your data.
If you are looking for an alternative to Mint or YNAB or if your data is with a large bank like TD, RBC, Citibank, or BofA, it is simple and easy to upload your data to Neontra.

You can import multiple CSV through our drag-and-drop feature or on an individual account basis.

At Neontra, bank account balances & transactions, credit card transactions, investments and holdings can all be easily uploaded.

Imported transactions are automatically added to your personalized Cash Flow overview and Expense Explorer and split into income and expenses.
Neontra makes it easy to manage recurring expenses, see your bills at a glance and detect pricing changes on your subscriptions.

Investments are also automatically added to your portfolio to track your net worth.
This helps you build a personal financial plan quickly and view your overall financial wellness.

CSV Support: https://neontra.com/support/import-csv/

For more answers to your questions, visit https://neontra.com/faq/