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Discover Neontra - Cash Flow, Budgeting, Investments, Insurance, Goals, Forecasting and Planning All in One App

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The closure of Mint means a lot of people are exploring other personal finance management apps or PFMs. Neontra is a next-generation PFM combining all the tools of a traditional PFM with new cutting-edge financial management tools.

Neontra offers automatic cash flow analysis and a more holistic approach to financial planning including advanced budgeting, net worth forecasting, and personalized financial insights.

Track Your Cash Flow Easily

Easily create a monthly, quarterly or annual budget. Plan your monthly expenses by preparing a budget that includes basic needs, routine expenses, debt payments and saving contributions. At Neontra, we project your expenses based on your spending habits. This makes it easy to track your cash flow and expenses on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It will help you gain insights and highlight opportunities to save.

No Need for Multiple Apps

Neontra makes it easy to connect all your accounts. From cash and credit to loans and investments, you can see your complete financial picture in Neontra. You can also easily import all your data from Mint or import .csv, .qfx and .ofx files. Set financial priorities Identify and scenario test short-term and long-term financial goals, such as paying off debt, saving for a vacation, buying a house, saving for college, planning for retirement, or investing in the future. With all your assets and liabilities in one place, it’s easier to see how to prioritize paying high-interest debts and consider effective ways to pay off loans regularly.

Start Investing for The Future

Neontra auto-categorsizes all your spending into essential, non-essential, debt payments and saving contributions. This helps you see how much you are allocating your income to savings and investments, such as mutual funds, ETFs, stocks or bonds, to prepare for a more stable financial future.

Your Portfolio and Finances All In One Place

Investments are an important part of building a brighter, more secure financial future. The Neontra investment tracker helps you stay on top of all your investments in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, commodities, and personal fixed assets like your art or watch collection. Track your entire portfolio with Neontra and instantly see your asset allocation across all your investment accounts, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, and retirement accounts.

Custom Budgets

Easily create your custom budget in Neontra. Neontra will automatically categorize your transactions so you don’t have to. This makes it easier to identify areas where you can save more, pay down debt and spend smarter.

Navigating the path to financial freedom and building a budget often involves juggling multiple websites, apps and spreadsheets. With Neontra there is no need for multiple apps. Our clear feature layout for your money, investments, cash flow, budget, forecast, and markets empowers users by simplifying money management and budgeting.

Custom budgets enable you to build a tailored plan that aligns with your financial situation and goals. Neontra custom budgets bring together everything from spending, balances, and goals to debt repayments and more. Access your entire financial life with a few clicks.

Feature Spotlight: Custom Budgets and Forecasting

Neontra offers an array of features designed to empower users and help them plan for a better and more secure financial future. Here's how it helps you understand and manage your money:

  • Custom Budgets: Tailor your budget categories to match your spending habits, allowing for a personalized budgeting experience.
  • Flexible Time Frames: Set budgets on a monthly, bi-monthly, or annual basis, providing flexibility to match your income schedule.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor spending in real-time, ensuring you stay within budget and can adjust as needed.
  • Insightful Forecasting: Utilize forecasting to project future spending and savings, aiding in long-term financial planning.
  • Auto Categorization - Neontra aggregates, categorises and analyses all your transactions in one place so you can understand where your money goes. This helps consumers make better financial decisions and budget for the future.
  • Goal Tracker - The goal tracker assists users in creating future budgets and making wiser financial decisions.

These features collectively support informed decision-making and foster a proactive approach to financial management, aligning closely with individual financial goals and spending habits.

Empowering Users with Advanced Financial Tools

Our suite of advanced features is designed to give users unprecedented control over their finances. With in-depth expense exploror, personal balance sheet and health check scores, it can help create effective strategies for managing spending and maximizing savings.

This empowers users to help them meet their financial goals with greater efficiency and confidence, leveraging technology to navigate the complexities of personal finance. Through these features, users gain a clearer understanding of their financial landscape, enabling smarter decisions that lead to financial well-being and stability.

Migrate from Mint

In transitioning from Mint, our tool offers unparalleled advantages, including sophisticated budgeting controls, an efficient daily balance sheet, and advanced forecasting capabilities. It's easy to preserve your Mint data and migrate to Neontra. These features ensure a seamless transition without losing any financial data, providing a personalized and comprehensive approach to financial management. We invite you to experience the benefits firsthand.

Join us today and discover how our tool can transform your financial planning.

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