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Did you know?

The faces on every U.S. bill in circulation include five American presidents and two founding fathers. They are all men: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Franklin.

The Famous and Obscure Men Who Grace American Currency →

Word of the week

Annual Fee

The annual levy imposed on credit card holders. The first year's yearly charge may be waived for some cards.

Use our free Credit Card Payoff Calculator to find out how fast you can be debt-free and how much you'll save →


The closure of Mint means a lot of people are exploring other personal finance management apps or PFMs. Neontra is a next-generation PFM combining all the tools of a traditional PFM with new cutting-edge financial planning tools.

What Makes Neontra One of the Best Alternatives for Mint Users Looking For a New Home →

Quote of the week

"I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries."

- Jules Renard

Infographic of the week

Chart: The Declining Value of the U.S. Federal Minimum Wage

This graphic illustrates the history of the U.S. federal minimum wage using data compiled by Statista, in both nominal and real (inflation-adjusted) terms. The federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 per hour in July 2009, where it has remained ever since.

Chart: The Declining Value of the U.S. Federal Minimum Wage Nominal vs. Real Value of the U.S. Federal Minimum Wage →


Has your financial situation changed? Has your income decreased? Are you looking to save money for a project? It may be the perfect time to review your budget and adopt new habits to save money. Here are 35 tips to help you!

35 tips to help you save money →


Should you put your money in a long-term CD or invest it? Here’s what to consider by Elizabeth Gravier

With savings rates still high and more interest rate cuts possible in 2024, savers today are giving a lot of attention to CDs. A certificate of deposit lets you lock in a fixed interest rate for a fixed amount of time. That’s an attractive option in today’s market, where savers can find CD rates of up to 5.66%. That far outpaces the current inflation rate of 3.4%, so your money is protected from being devalued.

CD or the market? What to consider first →

Serious stuff

Tipping requests are on the rise. Businesses that never seemed to ask for a tip, like fast food joints, are now asking for one. Here's how to deal with unexpected requests and more.

What is the new etiquette for tipping? from Life Kit →

Fun stuff

"Well, it's only money Only money It will go away Go away Yeah, it's only change in pockets It'll get back to mine someday"

Which artist is #1 on our Neontrack playlist this week?

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