Better Finances for a Better You

Getting Started Guide

We help put you on the path to financial wellness with personalized a financial health check, spending analysis, budgeting, goals and forecasting

Setup Accounts

There are two ways to add an account:

A. Connect: automatically connect your bank or brokerage account.

  • The connection process takes a few minutes after which your data will automatically appear in Neontra.
  • Connected accounts will synchronize once per day.

B. Manual: create the account by hand, then import files downloaded from your bank or broker

Add Personal Assets & Loans

Add in your personal assets, liabilities.

Cash Flow Analysis

Neontra automatically categorizes your transactions and creates a simple overview of your income and expenses.

Track and review your Budget

Set your preferred targets to help get the most from your money.

Set your Goals

Set financial goals and track your progress over time. You may create as many goals as you like.

Learn from Personalized Insights

Review your Health Check and learn how to improve your financial wellness.