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What Makes Neontra a Great Alternative for Mint Users Looking to Migrate

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In this post, we compare one of the most popular budgeting apps Mint to Neontra.

This comparison should help you decide if migrating from Mint to Neontra is right for you.

Yes, this is a biased review. There are a few good unbiased budgeting app reviews however there are far too many "Best Budgeting Apps review articles" which are actually biased sponsored reviews, sponsored posts and paid reviews. So we thought we would take this opportunity to let you know why we think Neontra is different.

At Neontra, we believe financial planning should be simple, engaging and understandable, and our goal is to help you lead a better financial life. Simply, Neontra helps people understand and manage their money. An app that simplifies and makes sense of it all, enabling people to make better, more educated decisions about their financial future.

All client accounts are connected in one place, providing a real time 360-degree view of financial life. Data-driven insights from Neontra’s proprietary AI help clients understand their net worth, cashflow, and behaviours contributing to overall financial health. Sophisticated tools including spend tracking, budgets, forecasts, scenario-testing and goals help clients understand and plan for a brighter, more secure financial future.

Free trial - without a credit card
While other apps force you to use a credit card to register for a free trial, we don’t. Neontra is not hoping you forget to cancel your free trial and start subscribing. We want to earn your trust and let you see the benefits of Neontra on your own terms and then make a conscious decision before subscribing.

Deep dive or on the fly
Financial planning should be simple, engaging and understandable, regardless of which platform or device is used. We support iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux users. Our browser-based desktop interface is great for doing a deep-dive into your finances, or when you want to see lots of data on the screen. It works in any standard web browser. Mobile interfaces are available for both Android and iPhone users, and are great when you want to check your finances on the go.

If you want to take a deep dive into your finances or do a quick health check on the go Neontra is accessible.

Import .csv, .qfx, .ofx or connect your accounts
With Neontra you can manually import .csv, .qfx, .ofx files for extra flexibility or connect your bank, credit card and investment accounts. Unlike some other providers we do not make it mandatory to connect all your accounts. Our growing list of connected accounts means whether you are a U.S. or Canadian client, you should be able to connect your accounts. This list is growing daily, so you can track your bank accounts, credit cards transactions, investments, savings and even insurance.

Family budgeting
We built Neontra so you can work on budgeting, goals and expense tracking by yourself, or with others. For example, your partner or other family members. Once you invite others to share your account, everyone has their own unique access credentials with which they can access and view your Neontra account.

Upcoming Features
We are new and growing rapidly. Consequently, at times we are playing catch up to all the new features and tools clients are requesting. We try to be transparent of what is on our roadmap, and you can find it here. Our roadmap is largely dictated by our loyal clients, which means you have a say in what comes next. You can view our release notes to stay on top of newly released features, updates and bug fixes.

No X
If not having X today is a dealbreaker, let us know and we will add it to our roadmap. We believe that as we continue to deliver more enhanced features it will be worth trying us again in the near future. Stay connected with Neontra community on reddit or follow us on X (formally known as Twitter) and we hope to see you again.

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