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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • US Accounts Support
  • Ability to import OFX/CSV reports manually into a Connected (auto-import) Account for reconciliation
  • Connected accounts stability improvements
  • Fix Forecast page incorrectly counting Goals
  • Add scroll to registration page for smaller screens
  • Improved performance to reduce Login time
  • Support for duplicate detection and multiple import methods into an existing account
  • Fix timezone-related bugs
  • Connected accounts stability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Release #0.19425 Budget Tracking Financial Goals Aggregation

Retirement Planning


  • Improved retirement planning and goals integration
Release #0.19138 Retirement Planning Financial Planning Financial Goals

Planning Calculators


Added new planning calculators:

  • Wedding Calculator - Calculate your expenses for a wedding
  • New Home Calculator - How much do you need to save for a new home?
  • Student Budget - Explore our Student Budget Calculator to help you figure out how much money you'll need to get through the school year.
Release #0.19087 Financial Planning Financial Goals Calculators


Cash Flow Tree

  • Integrated goals into cash flow tree so clients can see how contributing to goals impacts their cashflow
Release #0.18565 Financial Goals Cash Flow

Knowledge Centre

Planning Calculators

Added new planning calculators:

  • Retirement Calculator - Understand how much you'll need to save for retirement using our free calculator.

  • Credit Card Payoff Calculator - Discover how long it would take to pay down your credit card.

  • Loan Paydown Calculator - Work out how long it would take to pay down a loan.

  • Mortgage Paydown Calculator - Calculate out how long it would take to pay down a mortgage.

Release #0.18913 Financial Goals Goal Planners Calculators