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What Makes Neontra One of the Best Alternatives for Mint Users Looking For a New Home

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In this post, we compare one of the most popular budgeting apps Mint to Neontra.

This feature and tools comparison blog should help you decide if migrating from Mint to Neontra is right for you.

Numerous budgeting tools and strategies are available to help you manage your money. Mint was one of the most popular budgeting apps, but with Mint shutting down it's time to explore different budgeting options. Neontra is one of the best Mint alternatives. Neontra helps you reach your long-term financial goals and understand your money by automatically categorizing your transactions, building a budget, forecasting costs and offering simple financial planning tools.

With Neontra, users may set up a budget that tracks expenses and auto-categorizes all their transactions and much more. Additionally, the app protects your data with 256-bit encryption and bank-level security. Although there are optional paid subscription services that you may choose to utilize for an additional fee of $7 USD or $9 CAD per month, Neontra is otherwise free to use.

Neontra Pros


Unlike other budgeting apps, you do not need to enter a credit card to register for a free trial. All these free and paid subscription options give you access to Neontra’s cash flow analysis, expense tracking, goal planning, budgeting and forecasting features.

At Neontra there are four account options:

Free plan

  • Includes one sync connection to U.S. or Canadian financial institutions
  • May be ad-supported in the future

Limited Time Offer

  • 45 days for free with no ads
  • No credit required
  • Unlimited sync connections to U.S. or Canadian financial institutions

Monthly Premium Plan

  • $7 USD or $9 CAD per month.
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Billed monthly
  • Includes unlimited sync connections to U.S. or Canadian financial institutions

Annual Premium Plan

  • $45 USD or $60 CAD per month.
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Billed yearly
  • Includes unlimited sync connections to U.S. or Canadian financial institutions

This way you can get a handle on your finances for free or upgrade to a paid subscription for more sync connections.

Importing Data

Neontra makes it simple to link your bank accounts—checking, savings, credit cards and investments. You have the choice of connecting to your financial institutions using Plaid or Flinks. This flexibility gives you a choice of which secure platform to use. Neontra will be adding other connection providers in the near future. You can also manually import .csv, .qfx, .ofx files for extra flexibility or connect your bank, credit card and investment accounts.

Migrating from Mint

For Mint users, Neontra makes it easy to migrate your data. Neontra can import a file of up to 2 Megabytes in size.

Follow these simple steps to move your data from Mint and start budgeting with Neontra quickly before Mint closes down.

Financial Wellness

Neontra provides a free all-in-one financial health check. This makes it easy to evaluate your overall financial wellness with simple Neontra scorecards.

The Health Check provides a personal, simple, easy-to-understand score with actionable insights helping you learn about the important numbers that impact your financial wellness and health. This helps you increase your knowledge and track your progress whether you are on your iPhone, Android device or desktop.

The score highlights each important aspect of your financial life like expenses health, savings health, emergency funds, investment portfolio allocation, debt health and credit card health. This is just one of the many features that make Neontra a good alternative for Mint users looking to migrate.

Categories and Transactions

Neontra auto-categorizes your transactions so you can quickly see where your money goes. See how much you have earned and spent in a specified time frame. Our automated cash flow will manage your complex transactions across all your accounts and group them into four expense-type categories

  • Essential - e.g. rent, groceries
  • Non-Essential - e.g. concert tickets, restaurants
  • Savings Contributions - e.g. cash directed to a savings account
  • Debt Payment - e.g. a payment toward a mortgage or car loan

Each Category has a default type. You can change the type by clicking the arrow to the right of the type icon.

Expense Explorer

The Expense Explorer lets you go deeper into your spending, and identify opportunities to save. Expense Types display your expenses by type: Essential, Non-essential, Debt Payments and Savings Contributions. There are three primary visualizations and more will be released shortly:

  • Cumulative Over Time: a running, or cumulative total of your spending
  • Monthly Totals: how much you spend per month
  • Category Size: size comparison, per category

Neontra enables you to build your knowledge and see all your data in place.

Why Neontra is One of the Best Mint Alternatives

With all these features and a free account, it’s easy to see why so many people are migrating from Mint to Neontra. Neontra is not like other personal finance apps. The free subscription tier, advanced forecasting, and flexible in-depth transaction tracking coupled with advanced investment tracking of traditional and non-traditional assets make it a powerful tool and popular alternative to Mint.

Welcome Mint users and anyone looking for a new personal finance app that helps you understand and manage your money! →