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Did you know?

US credit-card delinquency rates were the highest on record in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia report.

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Word of the week

Purchase APR

Purchase APR, which can be fixed or variable, is the interest rate applied by credit card companies to new purchases you make on your credit card when you don't pay off your full balance.

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10 Expenses Most Likely To Drain Your Checking Account Each Month by Ashley Donohoe

  1. Unnecessary Groceries
  2. Fake Emergencies
  3. Restaurant Trips
  4. Costly Vacation Plans
  5. Expensive Plans and Subscriptions
  6. Retail Therapy and Impulse Purchases
  7. Lavish Nights Out
  8. “Latest and Greatest” Purchases
  9. Pampering Services
  10. Checking Account Fees
Watch out for these 10 expenses that are likely to drain your checking account →

Quote of the week

"It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind."

- Lucretius

Infographic of the week

Visualizing the Growth of $100, by Asset Class

Which major asset class has generated the strongest returns over the long run? How do the returns of investments like bonds and real estate actually stack up? To put investment returns in perspective, this graphic shows the growth of $100 by asset class over the long term, based on data from Aswath Damodaran at NYU Stern.

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Many of us want to save money to, say, buy a car, pay off our student loans ... or maybe just go out to dinner with friends without having a mini panic attack when someone suggests splitting the bill

Saving NPR Life Kit: How to save money when you're broke →


Investment Tracking

- Neontra aggregates and tracks all your investments in one place. - Measure the performance over time on your stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed assets and crypto. - Forecast growth scenarios for all your investments. - Catch hidden investment fees.

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Serious Stuff

Nearly half of house hunters don’t think they can afford a home — these 4 tips can make it possible from Kelsey Neubauer

  1. Bulk up your savings
  2. Build your credit
  3. Apply for grant and loan programs
  4. Secure an assumable mortgage
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Fun stuff

"I know I'd go from rags to riches If you would only say you care And though my pocket may be empty I'd be a millionaire"

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