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Did you know?

Many credit card companies offer their customers, and sometimes others, a free look at their credit scores.

Top sources for free credit scores →

Word of the week

Variable APR

Variable APRs are subject to change at any time and are based on changes in the prime rate.

What causes variable APRs to change? →


These 3 Drawbacks of 'Loud Budgeting' Might Hold You Back From Saving Money by Ben Gran

The downsides of loud budgeting, according to Clarify Capital's survey of Gen Z →

Quote of the week

"Money has no inherent value; it's what we do with it that matters."

- David Chilton, The Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide to Successful Financial Planning

Infographic of the week

The Top 5 Reasons People Hire a Financial Advisor

From saving for a down payment to planning for retirement, clients turn to advisors to guide them through life’s complex financial decisions. However, many of the key reasons for hiring a financial advisor stem from emotional factors and go beyond purely financial motivations.

The Top 5 Reasons People Hire a Financial Advisor Investors' motivations for working with an advisor go beyond financial reasons →


Graham Stephan: How To Save $10,000 Fast

The first step to saving $10,000 fast is to break it down into something more manageable. Stephan suggested determining a realistic time frame instead of just using an ambiguous period.

For example, to save $10,000 in one year, you’ll need to save:

  • $833 per month
  • $27.40 per day
  • $1.40 per hour
  • $0.02 per minute
Learn more about personal finance expert Graham Stephan's plan here →


Stock Investment Tips for Beginners

Starting to invest? Tips for beginners can help you start to fine-tune your investment strategies and take advantage of stock investment tools.

CharlesSchwab - Don't think of yourself as a beginner at all →

Serious Stuff

Your credit score is based on five core factors:

  • 35% – Payment history
  • 30% – Credit utilization
  • 15% – Length of credit history
  • 10% – Inquiries and new credit
  • 10% – Diversification of credit
Work out how long it would take to pay off a credit card with our free calculator →

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