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Did you know?

A 2023 survey from Bankrate found 47% of U.S. adults have unused gift cards, vouchers, or store credits. The average American is sitting on $175, that's up from $116 last year.

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Word of the week

Gift Card

A gift card is a prepaid card used to pay for purchases. You can use gift cards at a single retailer or at a group of retailers, such as a chain or shopping mall. Generally, gift cards come with money already on them. Gift cards can be a physical card or an electronic card.

Prepaid Cards vs. Gift Cards: What's the Difference? →


Budgeting with gift cards or prepaid cards can help you avoid accidental overspending, prepay for expenses and take advantage of store-specific perks, such as discounts and points.

How to Budget Using Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards →

Quote of the week

"The more you learn, the more you earn."

- Warren Buffett

Infographic of the week

Tech Giants’ Stock Performance: A Three-Year Review (2020-2023)

In the last three years tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft navigate through market volatility due to the global pandemic. In 2020, the pandemic led to a market selloff, but companies like Zoom and Shopify experienced growth due to increased demand during lockdowns.

Tech Giants’ Stock Performance: A Three-Year Review (2020-2023) Maureen Okonkwo's Viz at Tableau Public →


So, you splurged. Now what? The urge to splurge is universal. After the bleakness of the pandemic, people are spending more on the big and little things that bring them joy.

Stress Test Podcast: Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw speaks with Shannon Lee Simmons, a certified financial planner and founder of the New School of Finance →


2023 in review: Rates, rallies and reflections

The U.S. Fed finishes 2023 with a bang, plus 40 notable events that helped shape markets this year.

Madison Faller Global Investment Strategist at JP Morgan →

Serious Stuff

The 6-step method that helped a 34-year-old pay off $30,000 of credit card debt in 1 year

Step 1: Survey the land

Step 2: Limit and leverage

Step 3: Automate your minimum payments

Step 4: Yes, you must pay extra and often

Step 5: Evaluate the plan often

CNBC: How a personal finance blogger managed to pay off 5-figure credit card debt in just 12 months →

Fun stuff

"Money in my pocket but I just can't get no love Money in my pocket but I just can't get no love I'm praying for A girl to be my own"

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