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Did you know?

Making a penny these days costs more than one penny. That's right, the U.S. Mint estimates that the cost of each coin is about 1.7 cents.

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Word of the week

60/40 Budget

Richard Jenkins, financial journalist and author of A Simpler Way to Save: the 60% Solution advocates: 60% of your income goes to fixed expenses: - Housing - Utilities - Groceries - Transportation 10% to retirement savings 10% to long-term savings 10% to short-term savings 10% “fun money” for activities, trips, or other infrequent splurges

How to Make A Budget: The 60% Solution Explained →

Quote of the week

"Our incomes are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip."

- John Locke

Infographic of the week

The 20 Most Common Investing Mistakes, in One Chart

No one is immune to errors, including the best investors in the world. Fortunately, investing mistakes can provide valuable lessons over time, providing investors an opportunity to gain insights into investing—and build more resilient portfolios.

The 20 Most Common Investing Mistakes, in One Chart 20 Investment Mistakes to Avoid →


8 Money-Saving Tips, According to Wirecutter’s Expert Deal Hunters:

  1. Track prices
  2. Be persistent
  3. Search for coupon codes
  4. Maximize credit card perks
  5. Sign up for shopping newsletters
  6. Ditch rarely used memberships and subscription services
  7. Keep track of where your money is going
  8. Invoke the power of price-matching policies
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What Is the Fear and Greed Index?

The Fear and Greed Index is a tool developed by CNN (yes, the news network) to help gauge what factors are driving the stock market at a given time.

Guide to the Fear and Greed Index →

Serious stuff

How to talk to your parents about their money. There comes a time when it's the kid's turn to take care of mom and dad. Here's how to broach this sensitive subject with your parents.

Life Kit NPR: Yes, end-of-life planning is a tough subject. How to talk to your parents about it →

Fun stuff

"My house in Budapest My, my hidden treasure chest Golden grand piano My beautiful castillo You, ooh, you, ooh I'd leave it all"

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