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Did you know?

At one time, Queen Elizabeth II appeared on at least 33 different currencies, more than any other monarch, an achievement noted by Guinness World Records.

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Word of the week

Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage can help protect you and your loved ones. Life insurance provides a tax-free cash payment to your named beneficiaries (such as your spouse or children) when the insured person dies in exchange for premiums paid by the policy holder during their lifetime.

You can now easily track all your life insurance policies at Neontra →


Finding the balance between your needs, wants and savings can be difficult. Forbes highlights seven simple steps for creating and managing a successful monthly budget.

How To Budget In 7 Simple Steps →

Quote of the week

"Giving a poor person money keeps them poorer longer...often forever; give them knowledge instead."

- Robert Kiyosaki

Infographic of the week

Retirement Planning Mistakes

According to professionals, the most common retirement planning mistakes are time-related, like outliving savings or not understanding how inflation can affect a portfolio over time. The number one mistake? According to 49% of financial planners, its underestimating the sizeable impact inflation has on the value of retirement savings.

Retirement Planning Mistakes Charted: Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes from the →


The new year is a great time to update your budget, say financial experts. Here's what you can do to curb your spending, save for emergencies and keep your investments on track.

Saving NPR Life Kit Podcast: Refresh your budget with these simple finance tips →


Why work with a financial advisor

Managing your investments can be difficult. You may not be comfortable investing on your own. A professional financial advisor or planner can help you.

Choosing a financial advisor →

Serious Stuff

8 steps to helping children build good credit from Megan DeMatteo at CNBC Select

  • Start early
  • Teach the difference between a debit card and a credit card
  • Incentivize saving
  • Help them save early for a secured credit card
  • Co-sign a loan or a lease
  • Add your child as an authorized user
  • Have them report all possible forms of credit
  • Encourage them to apply for a student card
Learn more details on the best tips for parents trying to help their children build good credit →

Fun stuff

"There's nothing I want But money and time Million dollar bills And a tick-tick-tick-tick"

Which artist is #1 on our Neontrack playlist this week?

Music About Money →

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