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Did you know?

The British Pound is the oldest currency still in circulation. The Anglo-Saxon Kings used silver pennies, or sterlings, as currency around 775 AD.

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Word of the week

Financial Exposure

Investor risk, which is defined as the possible loss an investor may incur by investing, is referred to as financial exposure. Investors use strategies like investment hedging and diversification to try to reduce their financial exposure.

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7 Budgeting Tips to Help You Save More Money from American Express

  1. Know Your Income and Expenses
  2. Tracking Expenses Is Worth the Effort
  3. Pay Yourself First
  4. Look for Small Expenditures that Add Up
  5. For Bigger Expenses, Think Big Picture
  6. Track How You’re Doing, and Adjust
  7. Accentuate the Positive
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Quote of the week

"If you don't get serious about your money you will never have serious money."

- Grant Cardone

Infographic of the week

Ranked: Median Student Debt for a U.S. College Degree

According to the Federal Reserve, student loans added up to $1.6 trillion in Q2 2023, making them the third largest category of U.S. household debt behind auto loans ($1.8 trillion) and mortgages ($12 trillion).

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ScotiaFunds: 5 timeless tips on managing market ups and downs

1. Keep calm and carry on 2. Stay invested…it’s time, not timing 3. Manage risk, don't avoid it 4. Put diversification to work 5. Take advantage of dollar-cost averaging

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Fun stuff

"I got a PhD in how to make ends meet I graduated from the college in the street Inflation in the nation don't bother me 'Cause I'm a scholar when it comes to the almighty dollar"

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