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Did you know?

U.S. consumers owe a record $1.129 trillion on their credit cards, and the average American credit card debt is $6,501.

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Word of the week

Grace Period

A grace period is the amount of time between the end of a credit card billing cycle and the day when your bill is due. During a grace period, interest is often not charged on your balance. Although the grace period varies per credit card issuer, it must always be at least 21 days following the conclusion of the payment cycle. Remember, grace periods do not apply to cash advances or debt transfers!

25 key terms everyone with a credit card should know →


6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

  1. Plan Your Recipes
  2. Shop With a List
  3. Buy Frozen or Canned
  4. Cut Cost With Coupons
  5. Buy Store Brands
  6. Try Growing a Garden
Eating healthy when money is tight can be challenging but these detailed tips can help →

Quote of the week

"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it."

- William Feather

Infographic of the week

Mapped: Inflation Projections by Country, in 2024

While inflation looks to be easing, there remains the risk of a second wave of price pressures driven by geopolitical conflicts and supply disruptions in the Red Sea. Adding to this, a stronger than expected labor market could drive consumer demand, pushing up higher prices. This graphic shows 2024 inflation projections around the world, based on forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Mapped: Inflation Projections by Country, in 2024 Inflation Projections, by Country in 2024 from the Visual Capitalist →


We're supposed to do things routinely for our health, like brushing our teeth, showering and exercising. And there are basic hygiene tasks to maintain your financial health too. Here are five tasks to tackle each year.

Saving NPR Life Kit: Start a financial self-care routine →


Best Investments for Beginners

There are several options considered the best investments for beginners that suit a range of goals, budgets, and comfort levels. This guide will cover the most common options, but a financial advisor can help you identify your best options and provide support while you navigate your first investments.

Investing can seem scary and intimidating, especially to first-time investors these tips can help →

Fun stuff

"A French maid, foreign chef A big house with king-size bed You've had enough, you ship them out The dollar's up, down, you'd better buy the pound"

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