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Did you know?

The word "mortgage" comes from the old French phrase "mort gaige." Literally translated, mort gaige means death pledge. Once the mortgage is paid off, the loan dies.

10 Weird Facts About Home Mortgages →

Word of the week

Simple Interest

Simple interest is interest that borrowers pay lenders for a loan and does not take into account the interest that has been added to the account; rather, it calculates interest just on the original amount. Simple interest does not just relate to loans. Banks sometimes pay customers simple interest on their savings accounts.

Simple Interest: Who Benefits, With Formula and Example from Investopedia →


College students can earn a $100 bonus and avoid monthly fees with the Chase College Checking Account

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Quote of the week

"Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one."

- Benjamin Franklin

Infographic of the week

Ranked: What People Value Most in a Financial Advisor

Are advisors putting their focus where it matters? You might think that positive reviews and recommendations would be a top consideration for people choosing a financial advisor. However, other qualities appear to be much more important.

Ranked: What People Value Most in a Financial Advisor The Qualities Investors Value in a Financial Advisor →


Credit scores determine whether you can get a mortgage, credit card, auto loan and more. So if your score is subprime, how do you bump it up to above a 700?

Saving NPR Life Kit on Effective ways to repair your credit score →


How to Invest in Index Funds in 2024 from the Motley Fool

An index fund is an investment that tracks a market index, typically comprising stocks or bonds. Index funds generally invest in all the components of the index they track and have fund managers whose job is to make sure that the index fund performs the same as the index.

Why invest in index funds? →

Serious Stuff

Wellness is a concept that has found its way into more and more corners of American life.

At its heart, wellness is about adopting practices—like exercising more and eating healthy—that help you live a better life.

These practices can also help you improve your financial life, under the rubric of “financial wellness.” This concept is about changing financial behaviours and adopting more effective money habits to secure financial stability and financial freedom.
Michael Adams at Forbes on Understanding Financial Wellness →

Fun stuff

"I got me a car And I'm headed on down the road No money down I don't have to worry About that broken down, ragged Ford"

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